Electroless Plating (LIC)

LIC the full name is light interference coatings, commonly called light interference color. It is an electrochemical method to color stainless steel without pigments or dyes. The light interference process will bring a whole spectrum to stainless steel, from deep black to fresh colors.

The dazzling light of LIC finish means it is also often chosen for cladding, sculpture, and landmarks. It can impart a sense of luxury, high-end and iridescent glossy, whether used for structure exteriors and interiors.

At TOPSON, we not only supply sheets for light interference stainless steel but also include LIC aluminum and LIC copper. We are happy to customize light interference metal sheets based on the requirement of your projects. If you consider light interference coating metal, please call us and offer more details, including your needs for quantity, sizes and thicknesses.

electroless plating stainless steel

Our Capabilities

Available Thickness
Thickness range: 0.5~3.0mm (customized)
Tolerances: -0.01mm
Max. Workable Size
Max. 1500mm (W) x 4000mm (L)
* Please contact us to custom special dimension.
Available Colors
Black; Antique Copper; Antique Brass
Material Options
Stainless steel; Copper; Aluminium

Why Choose TOPSON for LIC Finishing

No material or metal finish in architectural applications today can match the iridescence produced by light interference on stainless steel. LIC coating is a fine coating that can add an aesthetic layer to stainless steel without sacrificing its high-performance qualities. Light interference processing will create a prismatic refraction effect on the stainless steel surface. Therefore, you can observe different colors from each angle.

TOPSON is a world-class stainless steel materials and surface finishing company. We provide LIC finish and products to more than 1000+ clients worldwide, including artists, designers, building contractors, and metal suppliers. We have unrivaled expertise, extensive experience, and a strict quality management system to ensure the perfect execution of your project.

From processing to shipment, we can ensure the surface of your stainless steel is intact, whatever size you need. In addition to materials and finishes, TOPSON has overall technical capabilities from design to installation. ​If you have a complex project that requires design, fabrication, and installation, please hesitate to contact us!

lic stainless steel sheets
black mirror stainless steel

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Advantages of Electroless Plating

Electroless plating offers several advantages over traditional electroplating:

Uniform Deposition

Electroless plating can provide a more uniform deposit thickness, even on complex and irregularly shaped objects, as the deposition occurs via a chemical reaction rather than electrodeposition.

Conformal Coating

Electroless plating can coat substrates with a conformal layer, meaning the plated metal conforms to the substrate’s contours and shapes, including recesses and internal surfaces.

Reduced Cost and Complexity

Since electroless plating does not require an external power source, it eliminates the need for electrical connections and associated equipment, reducing costs and simplifying the plating process.


Electroless plating can be applied to various materials, including metals, ceramics, plastics, and composites, offering versatility in multiple industries.

Applications of LIC Stainless Steel

Oxide film layer on the surface of LIC stainless steel is transparent, but it will produce unique colors by the light interference when put under the light. Due to its remarkable surface, LIC stainless steel is commonly used in architecture, facade decoration, industries, art, and other fields that frequently use metal panels.

blue metal cladding


LIC stainless steel has an unrivalled colors under the sun. Using it for the exterior wall cladding can enhance the aesthetic of the structure. Besides, stainless steel cladding can protect the existing structure wall from erosion. Its anti-corrosion ability generally maintains a service life of more than 15 years. In addition to stainless steel, aluminium and copper have the same properties.

blasting sculpture


Sculpture is a tendency in urban beautification. The materials' aesthetic determines if your sculpture is attractive. Materials' durability and corrosion resistance will allow your sculpture to maintain a long service life. The unique surface of LIC stainless steel brings remarkable colors to your project. Its durability can maintain a service life of more than 20 years.

LIC stainless steel bench


Are you tired of constantly replacing worn-down and broken benches? Investing in stainless steel benches may be the best solution. LIC stainless steel bench not only has a modern colored look, but it is also incredible durability and weathering resistant. Its sturdy construction makes it perfect for high-traffic areas like parks, schools, and hospitals.

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Combinations with Other Stainless Steel Finishes

The remarkable glossy of the LIC stainless steel mean it can increase a sense of luxury to appearances of products and constructions. In the high-end place, it is usually used in combining with other finishes to achieve a better decorative effect.

Water Ripple & LIC Stainless Steel

Embossing water ripple-like patterns on mirror-finish stainless steel panels is designated water ripple. Using a unique embossing technique, TOPSON applies irregular fluctuation to the surface without any accompanying damage. Combined with light interference coating, it can maximize the aesthetic and durability of water ripple stainless steel. With wave patterns and soft reflectivity, LIC water ripple stainless steel is an excellent composite metal material for interiors and exteriors.

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Bead Blast & LIC Stainless Steel

TOPSON is able to apply a range of colors to metal surfaces to improve the decoration of stainless steel. Combined bead blasting with light interference coating stainless steel can offer regular stainless steel with stronger corrosion resistance, lower maintenance, and incomparable colors. Fused colors include black, antique copper, and antique brass. With great weather and corrosion resistance, sandblasting LIC stainless steel is suitable for the outdoor high-traffic area.

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Questions You Want to Know

Light interference coating (LIC) stainless steel boasts a unique blend of chromium and nickel that not only gives it an aesthetically pleasing appearance but also makes it impervious to rust, tarnish, or staining. Additionally, this stainless steel material requires minimal upkeep, which translates into lower long-term costs since you won’t have to replace corroded items frequently. Some advantages of LIC stainless steel:

Remarkable colors;
Desires durability;
Corrosion resistance;
Low maintenance;
Great heat resistance;
Excellent weather fastness;
Easy to clean;

The iridescence effect of LIC stainless steel is achieved by soaking the metal material in an acid bath and forming a chromium oxide film layer on its surface. In the processing, operators should closely control the thickness of the Cr oxide film layer. Only in this way can it produce the perfect interference colors.

Stainless Steel:
Stainless steel requires little repair, but daily touch will leave fingerprints and grease on its surface. TOPSON recommends using Invisible Glass Detergent to clean and Microfiber Cloth to wipe the surface for daily cleaning of LIC stainless steel.

Dawn® and Sprayway® brand glass cleaners may be used to clean stainless steel routinely. If your stainless steel is carelessly tea-staining, Krud Kutter® cleaner can help you.

Brightness and smoothness can affect the aesthetic. You can use a soft cloth dipped in ordinary household white vinegar to maintain it with occasional polishing. Unique polishing product, like Sprayway® or 3M®, is also a good option to regain the brightness of stainless steel.

Copper is one of the most popular decorative materials. The reason copper with corrosion resistance is the patina developed on its surface. Patina is the main factor affecting its color, so you must choose cleaners correctly to avoid damage during cleaning.

Wright’s® Copper Cream is gentle and non-abrasive. Its solid protective performance keeps your copper beautiful for years to come.

Flitz® Brass & Copper Tarnish Remover adopts non-flammable formula, safer than traditional acid-based cleaners. Just spray and rinse to quickly restore a brilliant shine without rubbing.

Aluminum is more easily oxidized than iron but is often used for decoration. Why? The reason is that aluminum products will form a layer of aluminum oxide on the surface to avoid further corrosion. *Can not use acidic or alkaline cleaners. If do that, you will destroy its oxide and lose its protection.

In daily maintenance, mild soap solution is one of the best choices to clean aluminum without damaging the finish. You also can use commercial aluminum cleaners to maintain the materials’ sheen.
Mothers® Mag & Aluminum Polish is a paste that adds a protective coating to aluminum surfaces. You can use it by hand or with a microfiber cloth.

Chemical Guys® Heavy Metal Polish can remove light rust stains from aluminum surfaces. It is suitable to restore aluminum’s sheen.

3D® Superior Metal Polish is one of the best cleaners to remove tough or heavy-duty dirt with little effort. It can restore shine even after long-term corrosion.

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