directional brushed stainless steel sheet

Brushed & Cross-brushed

Based on BA (Bright Annealing) finish, a straight-brushed (SH) finish creates a smooth and consistent pattern of fine parallel lines, giving the stainless steel a sleek and contemporary look.

patinated stainless steel sheets

Antique / Patina

Patina finish is popular within and out of the country as the resulting tone contributes to the creation of a luxurious, stately, yet warm space.

lic stainless steel sheets


LIC is an electrochemical method to color stainless steel without pigments or dyes.

satin stainless steel sheet


Satin finish, commonly called “No.4 finish stainless steel”, is a general-purpose bright polishing. Satin stainless steel has a diffuse finish, offering a soft shine.

anti-fingerprint stainless steel


Anti-fingerprint stainless steel finish is characterized by making fingerprints, dirt, and water spots invisible to keep metal surfaces bright for a long time.

bead-blasted stainless steel sheet

Bead Blasting

Bead blasting is one type of shot blasting. It has a higher quality surface finish in all types of blasting, leaving a shiny and cleaner matte surface with higher scratch resistance.

water ripple stainless steel sheet

Water Ripple

Water ripple stainless steel has a unique texture that reflects the surrounding scenery subtly, adding visual interest to any project.

coffee mirror stainless steel sheet | PVD coating

PVD Coating

PVD coating is a process that vaporizes solid materials in a vacuum and deposits it onto the surface of materials.

decorative stainless steel sheet used in elevator

Metal Etching

Metal etching is a technique that engraves complex textures on the surface of materials by chemical reactions or physical collisions.

vibration brown sheet


Vibration is one type of metal brush finish.