Metal Finish

green mirror stainless steel
Surface Finishes

8K Mirror Steel Sheet

TOPSON provides both quasi-mirror finish and other specifications requiring highly ...

Hairline Finish | TOPSON
Surface Finishes


Materials suitable for hairline finishing in TOPSON include stainless steel, ...

embossed linen stainless steel sheet
Surface Finishes

Embossed Steel Sheet

Metal embossing is a stamping technique aimed at creating an ...

vibration stainless steel plate
Surface Finishes


Vibration is one type of metal brush finish.

Surface Finishes

Metal Etching

Metal etching is a technique that engraves complex textures on ...

Surface Finishes

PVD Coating

PVD coating is a process that vaporizes solid materials in ...

water ripple stainless steel sheet
Surface Finishes

Water Ripple

Water ripple stainless steel has a unique texture that reflects ...

sandblasted sheets
Surface Finishes

Bead Blasting

Bead blasting is one type of shot blasting. It has ...

anti-fingerprint stainless steel
Surface Finishes


Anti-fingerprint stainless steel finish is characterized by making fingerprints, dirt, ...

satin stainless steel sheet
Surface Finishes


Satin finish, commonly called “No.4 finish stainless steel”, is a ...

LIC water ripple
Surface Finishes


LIC is an electrochemical method to color stainless steel without ...

patinated stainless steel sheets
Surface Finishes

Antique / Patina

Patina finish is popular within and out of the country ...