Excon Peru Exhibition is a prominent trade fair and exhibition dedicated to the construction industry in Peru. It is a platform for industry professionals, businesses, and stakeholders to showcase their products, services, and technological advancements.

The event brings together many exhibitors, including construction machinery manufacturers, suppliers, contractors, architects, engineers, and government entities.

Attendees of the Excon Peru Exhibition can benefit from interacting with industry experts, attending informative seminars and conferences, and staying up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the construction field.

Foshan Topson Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. will attend in the EXCON Peru exhibition.

Date: 2023.10.18 – 2023.10.21.
Location: Jockey Plaza.
WhatsApp: +86-180-2414-5225

topson invite you to the EXCON Fair 2023

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